Our Team


Our Team

Twyman Clements CEO/CTO  


Twyman Clements serves as the President and CEO of Space Tango. Beginning with the Kentucky Science Technology Corporation, Clements first began his work as an undergraduate student working on a satellite in conjunction with Kentucky Space LLC.
He continued to manage the same program with Kentucky Space for four years after earning his masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky. It was then that he recognized a need in the commercial space market. Four years later, Twyman began to develop the for-profit start-up -- Space Tango.  Twyman is the engineering genius behind many of Kentucky Space’s Satellites and ISS equipment. Today, he has applied the same skill and knowledge to the development of Tango-Lab1 and CubeLab companions.

Kris Kimel Chairman/ Co-Founder

Kris Kimel
Chairman/ Co-Founder

Gentry Barnett Biomedical Engineer  

Gentry Barnett
Biomedical Engineer


Stacey Dries Flight and Ground Operations Manager  

Stacey Dries
Flight and Ground Operations Manager



Esther Putman Biology Intern

Esther Putman
Biology Intern

Danielle Rosales Communication/ Marketing Intern

Danielle Rosales
Communication/ Marketing Intern


Join our team

Join our team


Every mission needs a new perspective. 

A passion for the commercialization of space fuels the Space Tango team. We utilize all fields of study to continue progressing as a company and as a service. Fill out the form below if you share the same passion we do. 

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