Our Team


Our Team

  Twyman Clements  CEO/CTO   


Twyman Clements is the Co-Founder and CEO of Space Tango, Inc., an aerospace company that specializes in designing complex autonomous systems that use microgravity for research and manufacturing. Prior to Space Tango, Twyman served as a senior space system engineer at Kentucky Space working with a multidisciplinary team of universities and companies on high altitude balloons, CubeSats and other ISS hardware. Twyman holds a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky.  At Space Tango, he continues to lead the design efforts for the TangoLabs' and CubeLab standards currently implemented on the International Space Station. 

  Kris Kimel  Chairman/ Co-Founder

Kris Kimel
Chairman/ Co-Founder

  Gentry Barnett  Biomedical Engineer   

Gentry Barnett
Biomedical Engineer


  Stacey Dries  Flight and Ground Operations Manager   

Stacey Dries
Flight and Ground Operations Manager



  Esther Putman  Biology Intern

Esther Putman
Biology Intern

  Danielle Rosales  Communication/ Marketing Intern

Danielle Rosales
Communication/ Marketing Intern


Join Our Team

Join Our Team


Every mission needs a new perspective. 

A passion for the commercialization of space fuels the Space Tango team. We utilize all fields of study to continue progressing as a company and as a service. 

We are not seeking applicants at this time. We invite you revisit this page in the Fall for prospective internship and full-time job opportunities.