The vision for the TangoLab Series is to create general research platforms that enables users the ability to run experiments via an internet connection in a variety of environments that have previously been difficult &  expensive to attain.

TangoLab-1, the company’s first platform, will be installed on the International Space Station in Q2 of 2016. This platform allows multiple CubeLab experiments to run automatically and simultaneously. This reduces Astronaut interaction which reduces costs and increases scalability. Another unique feature of our platform is the connectivity to the Internet. Each customer will have an online "portal" that enables near real time access to the data from their experiment. 

Volume: 101.6mm per unit*, not including separation feet

Mass: up to 1.25 Kg per unit*

Power: 7.5 Watts total per unit*; provided 3.3, 5 and 12-volt power rails

Data: 255 Byte Packets at 1 Hz (1MBaud 3.3V UART) per unit*

Provided Services: Power Telemetry, Imaging, Customer Portal

Standard Kits: Cell culturing, plant, mold / bacteria growth and tissue diffusion model CubeLabs under development

*Each payload card contains 7 individual units


Payload Interface Control Document (ICD) coming Fall 2016.


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