TangoLab-1 is a reconfigurable experiment ecosystem designed for microgravity research     aboard the International Space Station (ISS). We understand the complexities and have the regulatory licenses required for working in Low Earth Orbit. As such, we’ve created a safe and partitioned sandbox isolated from the ISS itself. This allows our clients and partners to build high-performance and reliable experiments that can be designed, tested, and on a vehicle bound for microgravity faster, cheaper, and with reduced complexity than before. In addition, we provide a unique feature set, including environmental telemetry, power consumption, and real-time data and commanding capabilities usingour end-to-end,  cloud-basedcustomer portal. TangoLab-1 is built by users, for users, to enable the solutions of tomorrow’s world, while orbiting today’s. 


Taking inspiration from the CubeSat community the TangoLab-1 uses the CubeLab standard as a baseline guide for design and development of experiments. Much like CubeSats, these 4” cubes scale to 2U, 3U and even 8U sizes to fit customer needs and include standoff feet to separate themselves from their adjoined payload cards. 

TangoLab-1 Metrics

Volume: 101.6mm per unit*, not including separation feet

Mass: up to 1.25 Kg per unit*

Power: 7.5 Watts total per unit*; provided 3.3, 5 and 12-volt power rails

Data: 255 Byte Packets at 1 Hz (1MBaud 3.3V UART) per unit*

Provided Services: Power Telemetry, Imaging, Customer Portal

Standard Kits: Cell culturing, plant, mold / bacteria growth and tissue diffusion model CubeLabs under development

*Each payload card contains 7 individual units