Space Tango Announces Partnership with Quest Institute

Collaboration Expands STEM Outreach Capabilities for Students Around the World

Launched on SpaceX Commercial Resupply Servies - 14 (CRS-14), Quest's payloads consisted of four different experiments. These experiments measured plant growth, germination, heating, and cooling in microgravity.
Learn more about this payload here. | Photo Courtesy: Space Tango, Inc.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 4, 2018) – Space Tango announced a partnership with the Quest Institute for Quality Education today that provides expanded opportunities for students to conduct research on board the International Space Station (ISS). In addition to supporting custom experiments from Quest for Space students, Space Tango will permanently host the Quest for Space engineering module in their TangoLab facilities on board the ISS. 
Students engage in science and engineering by developing an experiment on the ground which is conducted on the ISS module utilizing the LEGO Mindstorms® coding environment.  This unique program that sparks creativity and collaboration, develops problem-solving skills, and STEM literacy, includes lesson plans, hardware and support materials the meet the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for students in 4th-12th grades. 
“We are very pleased to collaborate with Quest on inspiring the next generation of students,” said Space Tango CEO Twyman Clements. “Quest has taken the ‘hard’ out of hardware and is making access to research on station more accessible and affordable than ever before for teachers and students across the globe. We look forward to supporting the exciting payloads that Quest students are developing and to partnering with Quest on this and future projects.”
“Since 2010, over 1,000 students have used Quest for Space to launch over 140 experiments on the ISS,” said Quest co-founder, Director of Innovation and Chief Technology Officer Danny Kim.  “Through our partnership with Space Tango we anticipate those numbers will grow significantly.  Research on station inspires students to think beyond their boundaries quite literally.   It allows them to apply their learning and provides them with the light of inspiration which results in the changed life for every student.”  



The Quest Institute is an educational non-profit organization that develops and markets proprietary STEM-based education programs and support materials for K-12 schools globally.  The mission of Quest is to introduce, inspire, and ultimately engage students to understand what it means to pursue STEM-based careers. For more information, visit



Space Tango designs, develops, and operates systems for bioengineering and manufacturing in the microgravity environment. Founded in 2014, Space Tango established their first operational TangoLab facility in 2016 on the International Space Station and a second facility in 2017. To date, Space Tango has flown over 20 diverse commercial, academic, and STEM payloads. As a recognized leader in the development of fully automated, remote-controlled systems for research and manufacturing in orbit, Space Tango continues to provide expertise in technology and scientific consulting related to working in microgravity for industry and academic partners.  Space Tango envisions a future where the next important breakthroughs in both technology and healthcare will occur off the planet creating a new global market 250 miles up in low Earth orbit. For more information, visit